COBRA 2012 conference in Denmark Print
Thursday, 25 October 2012 09:38

During October 7-9 Andrejs Kostromins and Agris Pentjuss attended the 2nd Conference on Constraint-based Reconstruction and Analysis (COBRA 2012) in Denmark. The conference took place at hotel Marienlyst in Elsinore which is only 5 km from Helsingborg and is located near the coast of the Baltic Sea.

World leading as well as young scientists were brought together to discuss latest progress in Constraint-based Reconstruction and Analysis (COBRA). Scientific Topics included: 1) Chemical Production Towards Second Generation Biorefineries for Chemical Production, 2) Mammalian Metabolism, 3) Novel Algorithms and Software Development, 4) Adaption and Evolution.

Two posters were presented from Latvia: 1) Kostromins A., Stalidzans E., Paint4Net: flexible visualization of the COBRA Toolbox reconstructions and models, 2) Pentjuss A., Kalnenieks U., Stalidzans E. Biotechnological potential of respiring Zymomonas mobilis: a stoichiometric analysis of its central metabolism.

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